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The new standard for home inspectors

Inspector Nexus is the best software platform for home inspectors. We make it simple for inspectors to create high-quality reports for buyers, real estate agents, and property managers.

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The complete toolkit for home inspectors

Inspector Nexus gives you all the tools you need to create best-in-class reports, and have them finished and sent off before leaving the property. With its simple and intuitive interface, inspectors everywhere have saved thousands of hours on their reports by switching to Inspector Nexus.

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Best-in-class inspection reports

We believe that home inspection reports should be clean, clear, and easy to navigate. Inspector Nexus comes with expert-crafted templates that make it easy for anyone to create high-quality, professional inspection reports that your clients will love.

Always Improving

Inspector Nexus is an always-improving platform that gains new features every month. Our responsive support team constantly listens to feedback from our inspectors to ensure we're delivering the smoothest, most user-friendly experience possible.

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Battle Tested

Inspector Nexus was developed from a collaboration between world-class engineers and expert inspectors. With thousands of successful inspections performed, Inspector Nexus has been battle tested for unmatched reliability and efficiency.

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